Read this section before contacting me, this page will give you some information about my experience, style and my personality as a dominatrix.

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I am a woman with an iron fist and a stronger heart, always dominant, always in control. I am whom you were waiting to find, I will mold you into the most subservient worshiper, you will be under my control to fulfill my deepest dominating desires, I will top you every minute of our time.

As your dome, I can and will get into your head in many ways, but most of all, I can make you belong to me, body and soul you will crave for my attention every minute of your day and night. I will dominate your body and mind; I know how to make you feel it!

You will become the object of my entertainment, pleasure and joy by turning you into a quivering mess who is eager to serve me, please me, worship me, submissive and subservient only to me, finding your pleasure by being under my guidance, making you feel who you really are will be one of my deepest pleasure in life, while you are adoring me as my slave, my toilet slave, my servant, my worshiper and ultimately some of you as all of this in one.

I was born in the Venezuelan mountains of Los Andes, raised in Miami Fl USA My kinks developed at a perfect age, and they quickly bond with my sophisticated personality, dominance and self-control.

I can have a cold heart, when is about punishing, humiliating and putting you in place, I am strict, I don't tolerate BS and correction is always for your own good.

From my toilet slave, I expect nothing less than perfect servitude; we can indulge in training you as a beginner or extreme play for those more experienced. I enjoy providing the 4 types of showers (golden, brown, ruby and roman)

Before becoming a pro-domme, being married for 7 year to a submissive cross-dresser extremely kinky male, helped me appreciate the beauty of personally enjoying fetishes, I enjoy many of them. Also, I worked on the medical field for a few years, kinky nurse is more than a role-play for me, it comes natural with a very sensual twist, however, only light nurse play, always safe and consensual, like any other fetishes I provide.